Scalable Systems Research Labs Inc.

SSRLabs is the global leader in instruction- and energy-efficient massively parallel coprocessors to accelerate HPC and Big Data applications.

Challenges in HPC and Big Data

High Performance Compute (HPC) is broken - users and programmers agree. The same is true for Big Data. Billions of Dollars are being invested in solving it in software. We still have not seen a solution to the problem as it is. Our assumption is that software won't solve HPC and Big Data challenges - our accelerators in conjunction with easy-to-use and fully standardized APIs such as openACC and openCL will.

A quick look at the world's fastest supercomputers reveals a number of issues. Peak theoretical performance and measured performance differ quite substantially. For BLAS, an embarrassingly parallel problem, the efficiency on Tianhe-2 is a mere 62%, and for other computational workloads the efficiency is even lower. However, among supercomputers this is one of the better levels of efficiency. Other supercomputers fare far worse - particularly those that deploy SIMD accelerators such as GPGPUs. Simple meshes inside accelerators don't work well either, as Tilera's lack of success has demonstrated.


2015-01-26: SSRLabs has signed contracts for international expansion.

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