Scalable Systems Research Labs, Inc.

SSRLabs is the global leader in instruction- and energy-efficient massively parallel coprocessors.

The areas of deployment are

  • Traditional high performance compute (HPC)
  • "Big Data" applications to find structure in unstructured data
  • Non-traditional HPC such as solving any n-body problem
  • Weather forecast, climate modeling & protein folding in drug discovery
  • Financial modeling and high-frequency trading
  • Artificial Intelligence

and many more. They accelerate any system based on general-purpose host processors. Unlike other accelerators our coprocessors have the I/O and memory bandwidth to sustain their performance.

SSRLabs' solutions are a game changer and a paradigm shift. Our solution is a disruptive innovation over any competitor in Big Data. It allows in-memory Big Data analytics at a scale and performance unseen and unthinkable today.

SSRLabs Solution Focus

  • Neural Net Coprocessors
  • Floating-Point Coprocessors
  • PCIe Accelerator
  • Accelerator Appliance


2014-04-16: Scalable Systems Research Labs, Inc is pleased to announced that Mark Mavroudis has joined our executive management team responsible for technical marketing and business development.

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